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Roaches Screen Saver 2.0

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The Idle Screen
Updated :
January 26, 2011
OS Support :
Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

Roaches Screen Saver Publisher's Description

Screensaver featuring everybodys favorite, the cockroach.

By The Idle Screen about Roaches Screen Saver

Screensaver featuring everybodys favorite, the cockroach. Up to 15 realistic roaches in slightly different random sizes and speeds run across your desktop. You can choose to have an extra-large roach generated every once in a while. Speed and size can be adjusted to suit your system and preference. Roaches randomly change directions like real ones do. As they run offscreen, the roaches reappear from under the Border at a random spot giving the impression of a serious infestation.

Or you can choose swarm, as the roaches run offscreen they disappear until all are gone. After a settable time has passed, they will respawn either from around the border or out from under cover of a graphic in the center of the screen. Center graphic choices are 3 fake warning messages or a PumpKIN for use during that holiday season when creepy things come out, Halloween.

Swarming is good for catching victims by surprise. A swarming center spawn is really fun when someone gets close to snoop and it goes off. Having just one or two scamper fast across the screen is good for corner of the Eye glimpses. Use zero for quantity if they need to be put to bed for a while.

You can choose different backgrounds. Normal is the users existing desktop for an innocent "nothing happening here" look with or without a center graphic. Or choose a fake desktop with or without a fake e-mail window open. The fake e-mail window has a choice of 3 different messages in the preview window. The clock on the fake desktop works and can be set to display with or without the fake desktop. The fake desktop scales free of distortion for use with widescreen monitors.

The Online Demo Link shows the Little fellows in action. Click the "next" button in the upper-right corner to switch modes. Please remember that the speed/scale may not be right for your computer but are fully adjustable.
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No special requirements
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